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During its meeting on June 5, 2014, the General Assembly of the UEAI approved of the following amendments to the UEAI Constitution:



Paragraph 9 c ("UEAI Junior Membership"):

Advanced PhD students, whose supervisor is a UEAI member, are welcome to present a research paper at UEAI congresses as Junior Members of the UEAI. Applications for UEAI Junior Membership should include: (1) a C.V. of the applicant and (2) a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. These documents should be forwarded to the UEAI Secretary General through the respective National Representatives.
Junior Members may become Full Members of the UEAI upon receiving their doctorate, while following the regular process of application for full membership. Junior Members of the UEAI do not pay the membership fee. However, they will pay the same conference fees as full UEAI members.


Paragraph 9 d (UEAI Honorary Membership)

At the age of eighty, UEAI members become Honorary Members of the association. Honorary members do not have to pay the UEAI membership fee. However, they will pay regular conference fees for UEAI congresses. Information on UEAI members approaching the age of honorary membership may be forwarded to the Secretary General by the respective national representatives or by the UEAI member her or himself.
In addition, UEAI Honorary Membership may be awarded to outstanding European or non-European senior Arabists and Islamicists, whose focus of academic work is on the Arab world and who are not members of the UEAI.
Proposals for awarding Honorary Membership to a non-UEAI member should be made directly to the UEAI President prior to a UEAI meeting. The President will discuss the proposal with the Executive Committee and the Counsil of the National Representatives. The Award of Honorary Membership to non-UEAI Members will be decided and approved by simple majority vote at the General Assembly of the UEAI. A secret vote may be held in this regard, if requested.