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Who is entitled to apply ?

  • Scholars holding a Ph.D. (or an equivalent degree) in Arabic, Islamic or Middle Eastern studies and, in addition,
  • are teaching or researching in an academic institution located on the European continent or
  • are nationals of a European country, although working in an academic institution outside Europe.

How to apply?

1. Please submit your CV, accompanied by two letters of recommendation written by members of the UEAI, to one of your national representative(s). For the list of the national representatives (including their e-mail addresses), click here. If your country has no national representative, please directly contact the UEAI President.

2. Please also submit to the national representative a completed registration form for the next UEAI congress. For the form, please click here.

3. In order to become a UEAI member, you are also required to participate in the next UEAI congress with a paper. Therefore, please directly submit the completed conference application form to the organizers of the next UEAI conference. At the end of the UEAI congress, the General Assembly will decide about your admission as a member.

How to pay fees?

The membership fee  amounts to 20 € (twenty euros) annualy. The fee may either be transferred directly to the UEAI’s bank account or paid to the UEAI treasurer during a congress for the next two years. The treasurer will inform you in due time about your membership dues.